Candy Wrapper Purse Instructions & Directions

Watch the Brand New Video Series that Gives You Candy Wrapper Purse Instructions so You Can See EXACTLY How to Make a Candy Wrapper Purse!

I created a BRAND NEW video series for you (you can watch it at the link below) that shows you how to start making your own candy wrapper purse.

It'll show you:
  • where to get tons of materials to make your purse (I sneak my camera into a store and show you what kinds of things you need to be looking for ... what works, what don't)

  • how to cut your materials up to the right sizes (yes, there's a few sizes you'll need to use)

  • the right way to make "chains" so your purse is strong (and doesn't fall apart like the sketchy made purses from the "tourist trap" stores in Mexico)

  • etc, etc ... Just go watch it and see for yourself! :-)

Click the link to check it out:

Have fun making your purse ... See ya there!


Kevin - the DIY Dork