Candy Wrapper Purse Instructions & Directions

Watch the Brand New Video Series that Gives You Candy Wrapper Purse Instructions so You Can See EXACTLY How to Make a Candy Wrapper Purse!

I created a BRAND NEW video series for you (you can watch it at the link below) that shows you how to start making your own candy wrapper purse.

It'll show you:
  • where to get tons of materials to make your purse (I sneak my camera into a store and show you what kinds of things you need to be looking for ... what works, what don't)

  • how to cut your materials up to the right sizes (yes, there's a few sizes you'll need to use)

  • the right way to make "chains" so your purse is strong (and doesn't fall apart like the sketchy made purses from the "tourist trap" stores in Mexico)

  • etc, etc ... Just go watch it and see for yourself! :-)

Click the link to check it out:

Have fun making your purse ... See ya there!


Kevin - the DIY Dork


Pamela said...

This looks like an awesome video!

woof nanny said...

Sounds interesting. I linked you on my blog

embeadke said...

I purchased one of your videos and I really like it. It has all of the information needed to make a candy wrapper purse. The pictures are clear and the instructions are easy to understand. Thanks for making this great video available.

EDITH said...

LOVE the 2 newsletters I have received so far!

Heath Streek said...

Thank you so much for these detailed instructions. Folks who offered "we have them for sale" as an answer to one lady looking for instructions don't understand -- for us crafters, the fun part isn't in the HAVING, it's in the MAKING of something as cool as a candy wrapper purse. THANKS!